The Band

The band TRUK, (an acronym of founding members initials Ty Richards Utley Kenneth) is a fun, sing- along country band with a mix of original and cover’s that have been entertaining audiences since they were put together on a dare in 2014. TRUK has a loyal following of the best family, friends and fans anyone could ask for and none of this would be possible without their support. You can catch the boys out playing good-old down-home country music throughout the area wherever cold beer and Jack Daniels is served. If you are looking for the third-best option for country music, come check us out.

Ty "Damn" Richards - Guitar / Vocals
Ty grew up in a small town in southwest Missouri surrounded by music from both parents. The house was always filled with laughter, love and an eclectic selection of music. Most family gatherings involved picking and singing in the living room and he and his sister, Tia, were always encouraged to join. Ty went off to college to study fine art, but it never really took and joined the Air Force. After 21 years, he retired as a Master Sergeant and took a day job running the AF Radioanalytical Lab, but he never stopped playing music. Todd Snider, Garth Brooks, Chris LeDeoux, and Jason Isbell influences are obvious in the catalogue and odds are, if you are on the Porch Vortex you’re gonna hear some Snider and Isbell. He now resides in Ohio in peaceful bliss with his wife, daughters and dogs and can be found playing out in the Dayton, OH area with Kenny, representing the first two letters of TRUK.

Kenny Utley - Guitar / Vocals
Kenny grew up an Air Force “Brat,” living all over the country. Living in Texas for the majority of his life he considers Texas home. At the age of 14, he received his first guitar as a Christmas present, and began learning how to play from his grandfather. A year and a half later his grandfather passed, but discovered a high school friend played guitar and the miseducation continued. After graduating high school, he left the sprawling metropolis of Chillicothe, TX, for the big city lights of Lubbock, TX. He attended South Plains College in Levelland, TX, studying commercial music and bluegrass. Being a struggling musician doesn’t pay the bills, so he went back to school and finished his Bachelors and Masters degrees and now works a 9 to 5. He currently resides in Ohio with his sanity, Nicole and his mini-me, Blake. He can be found playing around the Dayton area at various venues with Ty, putting the UK in TRUK.

Nick Wheeler - Bass / Vocals
A long time veteran of the Southwest Ohio local music scene, Nick has played with bands from various genres. Growing up in Dayton, OH, his early influences were Funk, R&B, and Rock. While bass is his main instrument, he loves to play anything and everything including mandolin, hammer dulcimer, and even bagpipes. Nick plays Spector basses, Markbass amps, Ernie Ball strings, and Tech 21 pedals.